Vilémov Castle does not have its own restaurant.

  • We provide accommodation with breakfast, offering a wide range of good coffee and tea, juices, dairy and cereal, fruits and vegetables, ham and cheese, breads and pastries.


  • Breakfast is served in the Clubroom on the ground floor.  TheClubroom's full capacity is 42 seats. The magical part of this space is its open fireplace, which together with a vaulted historic ceiling, gives you the feeling of an exceptional gathering place.


  • Other meals - lunches, dinners, snacks, festive banquets, etc. - are provided by guests under their own management.


  • Weddings at the castle use catering companies.  Families or groups of friends can use either the castle kitchen or the kitchen in the Millesimo pavilion for preparing their mealsor eat in nearby restaurants.


  • Every group of guests staying in the castle can be provided with meal(s), snack(s) or a banquet according to your request.


  • We are happy to advise and help with catering service, as we have many years of experience.


  • Here you can find links to restaurants or catering companies whose services we have used and can recommend:





  • For family stays and goups of friends, the castle kitchen is fully equipped for cooking or baking and thus preparing your own meals. The second kitchen on the ground floor of the castle is used primarily for preparation of breakfasts for groups of guests who order breakfast. Afterwards, this kitchen is also available to guests for their creative activities.


  • The castle’s Clubroom is a great place for gathering in case of bad weather. The Clubroom has a satellite TV and a DVD player.  Cards and board games are provided upon request. 

Zámek Vilémov, 582 83 Vilémov u Golčova Jeníkova - Tel: +420 602 162 926, info@vilemovcastle.cz 

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